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BTL is a dynamic group of certified graphics design professionals and marketing and communications experts. With ongoing formal training and over 30-years of combined experience working in the field of advertising, marketing and communications,BTL has established a reputation for creating high quality sales and marketing materials for companies such as Nortel Networks™ and Group Telecom™.

Over the years BTL has created hundreds of marketing materials and written dozens of articles for major publications, trade magazines, websites, newsletters, radio programs, trade shows and more. BTL is also a leader in website design, content consulting, content editing, search engine optimization and website maintenance.

BTL creates attractive email ads that introduce new products and services to existing customers and opt-in email subscribers. A well put together email ad sent to existing clients can dramatically increase sales revenues. And, when made correctly they are:

– are relatively short and easy to read
– load and display instantly in the most popular email programs
– are not attachments and pose no threat of being mistaken for a virus
– are in tandem with your corporate branding
– contain vital company/product information that sells
– stay intact when forwarded on to other potential customers (using Rich Text)
– are adjustable for future email ads

Tell us what your business has to offer and let us design an email ad for you. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed!