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Educational Services and Tutoring Services from Ecole SUP
Ecole SUP Educational Services is an educational consulting firm offering After School programs. Our services are tutorial. We ensure that your children receive a quality education, a fruitful guidance.

School agenda

Monday to Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
• Help with homework
• Explanation of lessons
• Follow up of each students, according to his needs

Private courses ( For English & French)

Weekly monitoring, enhancements and fortifications in all scientific and literary subjects (for all levels)

Revisions for Exams ( English & French)

Preparation for courses and excercises for a better performance in exams

Official Exams

-Revision of scientific and literary programs
-Training for different types of official exams

Intensive summer courses

(July – August)

Help with senior projects

( Bachelor & Master degrees)

Help in university entrance exam

Under the surveillance of:

Mr. Jean Youssef (Professor in Mathematics & Mechanics)
Tel: +(961) 71 62 71 02
email: Jean.y@ecolesup.com

Mr. Georges Khalil (Mathematics & Finance Engineering)
Tel” +(961) 76 76 56 51
email: Georges.k@ecolesup.com

Nothing Is More Important than a Good Education
Having more than 10 years’ experience with education services, we are the prime organization to call upon when you have questions after school studying for your child to help in his progress and his full improvement to acquire his educational program to the best.



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