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How we Deliver

Mashwerle service offers you the chance to shop online while sitting at home, at the office or through your mobiles by using Mashwerle Lebanon mobile application available on Apple & Google Play stores.

On this page you will find information that makes you aware of the features that makes your online shopping experience easier and more comfortable.

Delivery Information

Mashwerle online shopping team is ready to serve you seven days a week providing a unique personalized shopping experience.

  • Order Receiving

    Once the order is received at our online delivery center in Hazmieh, our dedicated team starts the order preparation process followed by a confirmation call. Fresh products such as meat, chicken, fish and produce items are picked few minutes before the scheduled delivery time in order to guarantee the freshness and quality of the goods.

  • Order Picking

    Online shoppers will be able to choose their preferred picker and personal shopping assistant, who will be more than happy to prepare their orders. Pickers are carefully recruited by Mashwerle, they are experienced and trained to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Order Dispatch and Delivery

    Our custom made delivery trucks are divided into three areas: chilled, frozen and room temperature zone to guarantee a fresh and safe delivery to your house or office.

    Our delivery fleet is equipped with a navigation system that facilitates the delivery process.

A Sample From our Weddings


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For any info please don’t hesitate to contact us.